Laboratory of Biodiversity Science


Natural ecosystems have an inherent mechanism that buffers against disturbance, enabling themselves to remain in the same domain. However, recent biodiversity loss and ecosystem deteriorations occasionally exceed the threshold that keeps the system resilient. Our goal is to entangle the mechanisms maintaining and collapsing the balance of ecosystems from the interactions between organisms and environments, including human activities. Ecological science is, off course, the basis for doing so. We are challenging to uncover how gabundanceh, gspecies richnessh, gfood web structureh, and physical and chemical factors are changing in space and time, and trying to predict their futures. These outcomes are not only to be published in scientific papers, but also to be used for biodiversity conservation and ecosystem management.

Main theme
1. Community ecology and restoration of invaded ecosystems.
2. Persistence of metapopulations in Satoyama landscapes.
3. Large-scale biodiversity assessment in Japan and neighboring countries.
4. Predicting the range expansion of wildlife and their management.